3001 RANGE

3001 RANGE

The first Vitrocsa 3001 window was developed at the start of the 1990's. With the experience we now have, we can guarantee that this system has no hidden defects. The roller mechanism and sealing system work perfectly, provided that the window has been assembled in line with good industry practices.




Rail + Frames

  • Embedded and concealed in the floor, wall and ceiling.
  • Frame just 99.5mm wide for a Birail (Mono: 45mm + 9.5 mm seal).
  • Saline treatment specially adapted for coastal projects.

Vertical connection

  • 20mm.
  • Reinforced for very windy locations or installation at high altitudes.


  • Standard sliding frame (up to 6m²).
  • Pivoting (up to 6m²).
  • Guillotine (up to 6m²).
  • Fixed (up to 9m²).
  • Open angle.
  • Pocket.
  • Motorisation.
  • Mosquito net.

  • Standard closure mechanism (029, 035, 005).
  • Cylinder.
  • Range of options for electric closure.
  • Alarms.

Closure Mechanism

  • 26mm.
  • Panel size up to 6m².