The Guillotine frames mean that almost boundless heights can be reached, whilst retaining the same quality and aesthetic criteria as other products. Perfectly balanced, the movable panes (maximum 500 kg per glass) can be moved with a slight push, either manually or motorised.

Using 32 mm or 44 mm double or triple glazing, the Vitrocsa TH+ range is for sliding window surfaces up to 18 m².

The excellent insulating properties of the profiles, in combinations with the glass, enable current low energy consumption standards to be met. 




Rail + Frames

  • Embedded and concealed in the floor, wall and ceiling.
  • Frame just 140 mm wide for a Birail (Mono: 64 mm + 12 seal).
  • Saline treatment specially adapted for coastal projects.

Vertical connection

  • 20 mm.
  • Reinforced for very windy locations or installation at high altitudes.


  • Guillotine (up to 500 kg per pane).
  • A system with two identical glass panes which counter-balance one another.
  • A counterweight system on the side (integrated into the finishes) which enable an infinite range of configurations.

  • Standard closure mechanism (029, 035, 005).
  • Two point closure button.
  • Motorisation.
  • Range of options for electric closure. 
  • Alarms.

Closure Mechanism

  • 32 mm or 44 mm.
  • Panel size up to 18 m² (6 x 3.1 m) vertical or horizontal.