Our new website features

Our Design team has been very busy recently and all is now revealed. Welcome to Vitrocsa by Brava's brand new website. We have tailored this design to meet all of our users needs. There is information for Architects, Clients, Builders or if you're just curious about what we do, then you can have a browse! Here are some new and improved features of our website:

Landing page

We have decided to add the landing page as a way of showcasing our projects from the moment you visit our site. You can view a range of our projects that we have completed within the UK.


Showroom page

We always talk about coming to visit our showroom, however have never had much information or photos for you to view. After reviewing this, we feel a page dedicated to our showroom will be very beneficial for all of our visitors and hope this will encourage you to pop down and have a look at our amazing products we have in our showroom.


Clients page

You will be able to see a variety of clients we have worked with and completed projects within the past. Clients such as Mace, Zaha Hadid Architects, Bam, Fosters and Partners and many more. 


News page

Lastly we have added a whole new page dedicated to updating you on all new projects or relevant information we have to share. We feel that this is a great we to share new and exciting information on all upcoming and completed projects.


Overall we have a whole new design and style to our site, which our Design team has been working on for the last month, fitting in our minimal and simple style to our website whilst still adhering to the current design trends. 

We hope you enjoy our new website. We will be back with more news very soon!