The values

Vitrocsa continues to apply fresh technology to their evolving range of products to meet the architectural trends and requirements of discerning architects and their clients.  

Vitrocsa is proven and tested to excellent results and has been installed in over 20 countries and featured in works by Pritzker Prize winning architects.

Unique solution

Vitrocsa offer solutions utilising the 18mm profile in a wide range of possible combinations depending on the specific demands of each unique project.

Motorisation and locking is available.Finish options available in anodized 25 micron natural or colour powder-coated; choosing from a variety of RAL colours.

The story behind quality

The engineers designed a slim 18mm thermally broken aluminium profile and adapted Swiss watch precision technology to their idea for the sliding stainless steel ball bearing mechanism. The mechanism provides silent, effortless and fluid movement of the glass panels even with everyday use; with no special maintenance required. 




The frame is designed to be hidden within the building's structure and acts as a channel for the glass to glide. Vitrocsa eliminates the need for large, chunky, obtrusive frames while allowing glass sizes of up to 18m². The resulting luxury product is hidden rails and inconspicuous frames giving a defined aspect to each project.