In the fixed or pivoting options, the width of the vertical profile is 18 mm. Locking and sealing assured by a mobile rack blade or cylinder with key.



Using 32 or 44 mm double or triple glazing, the Vitrocsa TH+ range is for sliding window surfaces up to 18 m².

The excellent insulating properties of the profiles, in combinations with the glass, enable current low energy consumption standards to be met. 





Rail + Frames

  • Embedded and concealed in the floor, wall and ceiling 
  • Frame just 140 mm wide for a Birail (Mono: 64 mm + 12 seal)
  • Saline treatment specially adapted for costal projects

Closure Mechanism 

  • Standard closure mechanism (029, 035, 005)
  • Two point closure button 
  • Aluminum handle
  • Range of options for electric closure 
  • Alarms


Vertical connection

  • 20 mm 
  • Reinforced for very windy locations or installation at high altitudes


  • 32 mm or 44 mm 
  • Panel size up to 18 m² (6 x 3.1 m) vertical or horizontal


  • Pivoting  (up to 12m² )
  • A system with two identical glass panes which counter-balance one another;
  • A counterweight system on the side (integrated into the finishes) which enable an infinite range of configurations.