Minimalism is at the essence of every project we undertake.

To build minimally, Vitrocsa UK embraces a simple philosophy - less is more. Our unique solution offers an opportunity for architects and designers to create expansive, continuous views, maximising the connection between interior spaces and their environment. 

We have a strong team within our office, working on technical, quotation, sales and design aspects of Vitrocsa UK, but also an experienced installation team working regionally across the UK. The combination of both teams from the outset allows us to learn from one another and combine our knowledge to compose fully integrated design solutions.  With the cohesion of both teams, we ensure that each team sees the project through to the end, allowing for continuity throughout the whole process.

All projects begin with fresh thinking allowing us to devise a solution which is custom-built for the specific site.  Close communication and a dedicated team ensures seamless production, transport and installation, while ongoing research, development and refinement of new and existing systems ensures Vitrocsa UK remains at the cutting edge of the market.

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